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Rufina, LLC dba Rufina Tropicals & Bibang's Cafe. The 1st plant export and Agri-Tourism company in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. Owned and operated by Rowina Torres. Started as a hobby, then an experiment in 2010 and a full operation business in 2015.

Rowina knew that opening something that has no industry would be a tough one, the idea had to start from scratch. By implementing technology in showcasing her products globally and successfully exporting to all 50 states. The demand of her plants  became a global trend without expecting it. With that trend in demand, her nursery was not big enough to cater to that commercial standards. She looked into expanding her business.

Eventually she expanded her business and relocated to a 5 acre property where the facility now caters to many business ventures in the Agriculture field; gardening, farming, tourism, outdoor dining and partnering with other companies. The journey in its years has hit walls and road bumps, but she refuses to give up because of the unconditional support of her family and friends, her loyal and hardworking staff that helped build the company to where it is today. With that, she finds strength and inspiration to continue through her husband and children.

Saipan is prone to tropical storms and typhoons, Rowina blindly didn't prepare for such situations. On October 24, 2018 Super Typhoon claimed 90% of her facility. The devastation was a major setback and was at a verge of shutting down. Almost giving up, she told herself she didn't work so hard to give up now. She continued to push forward and move on. She finally opened her doors locally on May 16, 2019.

Rowina continues to be remain positive, resilient and focused. You may find her sometimes in the fields working alongside her staff reminding her team about their humble beginnings.


Selling online and instore; retail and wholesale, landscaping and maintenance services, private projects, botanical tour, outdoor dining and many more to better serve your tropical desires, not forgetting gardening gifts and ideas. Striving to assure our level of service and commitment to your satisfaction.




Our awesome team that makes everything possible. A driven Plant Nursery that grows as a family-oriented organization that treats to protect, nurture and work as a Team.